Perfecting the Art of Winged Eyeliner


Winged eyeliner has been the default look for many female celebrities and other fashion icons for several years now, bringing back old-school glamour in the footsteps of Dita Von Teese, Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, and the historical Cleopatra herself. Not only can it be adjusted to suit any occasion, the style brings out the eyes and adds sex appeal to any look. Also known as cat eye makeup, the perfect winged eyeliner is not too difficult and only needs to meet a few criteria.


Unlike the smokey eye makeup that is waning in popularity, winged eyeliner needs to be crisp and clean. Eyeliner pencil and brushes generally won’t give you this look — you’ll likely have to use liquid or gel eyeliner, preferably one that’s waterproof and smudge-proof. Because the edges do not blend into the rest of your eye makeup, wobbly lines and other mistakes are more noticeable. This is why you need to practice!


It’s not enough to simply draw a line across your eyelid: the overall shape of the winged eyeliner should complement the shapes of your eyes and face. Try consulting makeup experts and magazines to figure out how much (and where) the eyeliner should curve and widen to enhance your unique beauty. For school or work, a tiny flick at the corner of the eyes can be enough. For a bold evening look, the “wings” can curve nearly up to the eyebrows.


While the standard color is glossy black, don’t be afraid to experiment with other hues. Purple, brown, or metallic shades may soften the look, work better for your skin tone, or add interest to a widely used style. Be creative and express yourself when applying winged eyeliner — when you’re done, your eyes will be able to do all the talking.